Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another book idea

I thought I'd put this in just for fun, although it's something I did about 5 years ago. I like origami and this is a large version of Tomoko Fuse's rotating tetrahedron which is made out of three rectangles of paper. It rotates, folding and unfolding the images as it goes, and that for me makes it a book. This example is a poignant one for me as the images are of the area around where we scattered my mother's ashes in Petworth Park in West Sussex, England, and the pictures were taken just afterwards. I was - am - distraught about it; it was such a sad and strange occasion, but set in a beautiful landscape on Midsummers' Day, what would have been her 65th birthday. Richard Long had done an installation in the park, of glinting white pebbles that made a path in the moonlight, but I didn't stay to see the moon come up.

The rotating tetrahedron acts like a sort of prayer bead: turning it over and over again I see the beauty of the place with its white pebble paths, elegant trees and the wonderful landscape of the South Downs, which was part of my childhood, and I feel comforted.

I keep thinking of doing another book like this.

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Jan said...

I can't quite believe how like a little artists book I just made this is. I guess no idea is original in the sense that we first think they are!